Saturday, April 23, 2011

More than Organic

One of the things that makes this garden special lies in the sustainability factor. I heard the words Fukuoka and  Permaculture before, but it was not until visiting this garden that I realized  all that goes into a sustainable organic garden. Its interesting how often I hear  "Organic can't work on a large scale".  After seeing the garden in Teatulia I realize now how simple and complex is an organic garden.  At Teatulia, first the soil is fertilized naturally with the healthiest compost so that the soil is rich & ready for healthy tea plants.

Different things are planted bearing in mind, season, temperature, height, sun, shade, drainage, pests, diversity & age etc in order to nurture each plant and ensure a healthy eco system.
Lemongrass for soil retention, drainage & shade
Natural plants are used to combat pests and infestations.  These plants are grown interspersed throughout the garden and often provide shade as well. One such plant was used, per suggestion by the workers, as it was an old remedy used in the villages.
Just one of many, used alone or in combination for different infestations
It's been an amazing experience traveling to the garden, and rejoicing in its lush sustainable beauty, I feel hopeful for the future of farming.

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