Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bangladesh Ancient Culture-Young Country

Wow, this is a place to visit. There is something  very magical about this ancient culture yet very young country. What we have noticed is that the people here are incredibly kind and helpful. They have born witness to so much suffering, yet they are amazingly positive. 

We visited the National Museum today and got to see some of the culture from this ancient civilization. Landing  in Dhaka last night we got the VIP treatment again. Getting off the plane we were met with someone holding a placard with our names and were escorted to a waiting car.  Our driver navigated miraculously through the tumult that is Dhaka driving with horns tooting all around like bats navigating in close quarters to avoid collision.   On the way to ours hosts magnificent home in Dhanmondi we had a delightful conversation with  our escort Mr. Galib. Still recovering from our 40 hours in transit getting to Bangladesh from SFO we posed for picture on the roof (see pics). On our way back from the National Museum we snapped a pic from the window of our car(see pic)

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