Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leaving the USA and Into ASIA

We departed San Francisco Sunday 4/3 at 1:30am on Cathay Pacific and it was a very  enjoyable flying experience. Kudos to Cathay for making a 14 hour flight thoroughly enjoyable (see pic). After arriving in Hong Kong, where we have a 12 hour layover, we were greeted by an airline representative with a placard bearing our names(see pic). We got the royal VIP treatment and were expedited though the airport and ensconced into the First/Business Class lounge. We were singled out for the royal treatment because a couple weeks previous they had changed our departure times  by about 12 hours on both ends. A very unexpected surprise but very welcome. Refreshing in this day and age of diminished expectations. Once we got settled in, we called my parent with Skype from my computer (see pic).

On the plane I finished the audio book Banker to the Poor  by Muhammad Yunus. I could not recommend a book more. Read it and weep tears of joy for the "Quiet Revolution" that is helping to eradicate poverty in the world. I'm so excited to be visiting the the Home of the Grameen Bank

Soon we will be landing in Dhaka and staying with the family who started the garden in Teatulia.
On April 8th we will be in Tetulia Bangladesh where we will present a check to build a new  library. There is still time to make a donation ($5-10 is fine) of any  size at our website Upon my return I will send you a canister of our tea as a thank you gift for your donation.

Cathay Pacific Rocks!

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